Naija Casino Guide

Looking for an alternative to sports betting? Online casino is an exciting way to bet online. This is an exclusive guide for Naija casino players. Here we will explain how we play casino online in Nigeria. Join the action – Let’s begin!

Our aim is to create the ultimate guide for 9ja casino. The main subjects we’ll discuss are:

- How to play online casino? (Important)
- Can I really win? (Important)
- 9ja Games and jackpots (Fun)
- Foreign vs local casinos
- Explain how we review a casino
- Trends in online casinos
- Casino bonuses (Fun)

Ready? You can at any time choose a casino from the lists and start playing. We don’t mind, then we know that you’ve found what you’re looking for… And we say welcome back!

Awesome, this will be so fun!

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How to play online casino in Nigeria?

If you want to play online, you need to be online J How, is a choice of preference. You can play online casino on desktop or mobile. The mobile casinos are fantastic these days and offer the same experience or better than desktops.

Gambling is a grey zone in Nigeria. It means that you can play online. It’s legal to play, but not to operate a casino from Nigeria. The supply of casinos online is nearly endless.

Follow these steps to play online:

  1. Choose a casino in the list above

  2. Open an account

  3. Look around, play the potential free bonus

  4. Deposit money

  5. Play and have fun

  6. Withdraw your winnings

After reading this Naija casino guide you will be fit for fight and you can choose a casino that fits your requirement. Alternatively, you pick one from our list “best Naija casinos 2019”.

All betting sites on are available for Nigerian players. When you open an account we highly recommend you to give the correct details about yourself.

To protect themselves from fraud the casinos often do KYC, know your customer, identity check if you want to withdraw money. It would really suck if you win big and can’t withdraw your money.

Be honest, it will help you in the long run!

Some casinos offer free bonuses, so called no deposit bonuses. You can read more about these on our bonus page. In short it means that you’re granted a free gift when you sign up to the casino.

You can play with these money or free spins. See it as a great way to test the site, rather than a big chance to win money without risking your own. (It’s very rare you can get something, for nothing)

When you make your first deposit the full fun will begin. NOW you can actually start winning money. We Nigerians are often excluded from welcome bonuses. It sad, but something we need to be aware of. As a loyal customer you’ll get other individual offers though.

To deposit money all casinos on our site take debit cards like Mastercard. Most of them also offer deposit options with various eWallets like Skrill, Neteller and in some cases Quickteller. Since many of us use Quickteller, we will investigate this payment method more thorough later on.

Winners dare more…

Many of the gambling sites here have casino, sportsbooks and poker available on their platforms. As a member you’ll get access to any game on their site!

“Play as much as you want. Gambling should be entertainment. The chance of winning should not be the prime reason to play casino online. The chance win is just part of the excitement.”

If you win or want to switch to another casino you can withdraw your money. If you didn’t get a welcome bonus you should be able to withdraw your money at any time.

If you on the other hand got a bonus, then you’ll need to wager your money X number of times before you can withdraw them. Read more about Wagering Requirements here.

Can I really win? (Important)

Let’s explain this part by a story from Las Vegas. Two friends, Richard and Steven went to Las Vegas to test enjoy life and have a go at the big jackpots. On their to-do-list was to play at the VIP tables and steal the jackpot.

Can you improve your chances to win?

Well, Steven did his best. He looked up one dealer for the VIP tables and despite all rules befriended him in the bar of the hotel. It can’t hurt to have a friend on the “inside” Steven thought, confident that he now had found a way to trick the casino.

What Steven didn’t know is that it’s not the casinos which take care of the games. The casino can’t affect when a jackpot will go off. Everything about the game is controlled and programmed by the game developer.

In Steven’s case it didn’t matter if he knew some dealer. The dealer didn’t have any impact on the winnings anyway. It’s the game provider which decided the winnings.

True story!

It doesn’t matter if you play at a casino in Las Vegas or in a Nigerian online casino. All casinos collaborate with game developers like Micro Gaming, Netent and Green Tube.

This is actually good news!

Each game has a RTP value (return to player). In a slot machine this value is between 90-98%. It means if you bet €100 you’ll on average get back €90-98. All games have different RTP.

Another important term is RNG (Random number Generator). This is the key to online gambling. The Random number generator gives you the same chance to win every time.

It also opens up for big wins more rarely. The chances to win a jackpot might be 1:1000 000. That number it programed in to the game algorithm. If you’re lucky you can be €1 and win €1 million.

Jackpots are awesome, let talk more about that later.

The conclusion of our little story is that you have the same chance to win as everybody else. If you play at slot with high RTP you have bigger chances to win, than if you play with low RTP.

“If you buy a scratch ticket on the local store the RTP in normally around 50%.”

Maximize your Casino Experience

We are working hard to give our readers the best information about online betting and casino. We believe in creating value. That’s why we wrote this guide.

Play for entertainment

Unlike sportsbetting and poker is casino little skills in. You can be lucky and win big. Play because it’s fun and entertaining rather to be rich.

Keep to your budget

Decide how much you can play for and never play for more than you can afford to lose. See gambling as a hobby with some expenses.

Don’t hunt losses

If you have lost money. Don’t try to win it back! It’s okay to lose some money. Don’t play for a while and start from scratch then instead.

Better with many small bets

With small bets you can bet more times even if you lose for some time. Have fun a enjoy the excitement of the game. Gambling is entertainment!

Games and jackpots on Naija Casinos

Here is a quick summary of games you can find in an 9ja casino online. If you want more information about anything, just click on the link at the end of each part.


The core of each online casino is slots. They can also be called slot machines, video slots, one armed bandits and pokies. It seems each country has its own name.

Slots are the most popular games to bet on online. In a Nigerian casino you can find slots from more than 100 game developers. Each develop has their own style. The idea of a slot machine is simple:

You need to have at least 3 in a row to win. How you win is often an enigma. Some games of up to 700 combinations you can win on. Normally you bet on “lines”. The more lines you active the bigger the chance to hit.

The most intriguing slots are jackpot slots, especially these connected to a network. A network jackpot can be worth over €10M. The current record from 2017 is €16M on the slot Mega Moolah from Micro Gaming.

The reason these jackpots can grow to unimaginable sum is that each player that don’t win is contributing to the jackpot. This is done across all casinos with that game. When the jackpot is released the game provider will pay out the money, not the casino.

Still curious about slots, read more on our dedicated slots page.

Live Casino

There is Naija live casino as well. Here you can play different table games live. In a live casino you follow a real dealer on you monitor. The dealer stands behind a real table and all cards are real.

The concept of live casino has grown exponentially over the past 3 years. In countries like England it’s almost as popular as slots. Playing live casino from Nigeria is the closes you can come to a real casino.

Follow that game on your screen, make a bet, talk to the dealer or other players in the chat… Experience is unbeatable if you like table games. Read more on our Naija live casino page.


If you were part of the big poker hype 10 years ago you know how fun it is to play poker online. The feeling of pocket AA in a good position with 8 players around the table.

That feeling is matchless! Online poker is a game of skills with some portion of luck. Good players win in the long run and it’s an amazing tournament game.

On the biggest gambling platforms like Unibet and Betsson Nigerian players can play poker. We have not had any big poker players from Nigeria yet. Perhaps it our time now!

In any case, read more about online poker on out poker page. There you’ll find everything you need to know about Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 7 Card Draw.

Foreign vs Local Nigerian casinos

How we evaluate a Casino

We played casino online for more than 10 years. During that time, we’ve tested 100s of sites and seen most that can be seen. Our methodology for testing a casino is:

  1. We poke around and check out the design of the casino

  2. We ask the support a few questions to see how friendly they are

  3. Then we check the T&C for nasty surprises

  4. We Google the casino to see if we find anything about it

If the casino passes through our initial scanning, it’s time to start playing. We are often quite rough here, because there are so many casinos to test.

  1. We open an account and make a deposit

  2. It’s time to test play. Normally we do that for a few hours.

  3. When we tested all functions (especially the live casino) we do a withdraw.

Over the years we have tested bonuses, fought with customer services and gambled a lot. It’s been super fun, and we have created a sensitive eye for quality and gambling feeling.

During our tests we also check a lot of our parameters. In the list below you find the most important ones.

There have been casinos online for more than 20 years. Over the last 10 years the market has exploded. New games are launching every week. Today most people play casino on their phone. In Nigeria more than 90% of the players prefer mobile casino to the desktop version.

What do we see for Nigerian casinos in 2019?

  1. Live Casino – The software is improving fast and the experience even faster. Today you can play live casino sitting in the park. The improved Internet speed, better cameras and supply of games are taking table betting to a new level. In 2019 will providers like Netent and Playtech launch new live casino platforms. We look forwards to see what innovations they will amaze us with.

  2. Casino Bonuses – We are often discriminated in Nigeria when it comes to casino bonuses. In 2019 we will work hard to change this. We will ensure that our players also will get welcome offers. A trend that will back us up is the growing number of casinos. They need to compete somehow and bonuses have always been a good way to attract new customers.

  3. Virtual Reality – In 2016 launched SlotsMillion the first Virtual Reality casino (VR). In interest on the market has been big and we have seen some other casinos following. As the graphics become better and we can VR glasses we might see the first true VR casino. The dream would be to feel like you actually walk around in a real casino. We believe that the technology to accomplish that is here… It’s just a question of who will be first to launch.

Online Casino Bonuses

We have saved the best to last. Most casino players love bonuses. So do we since it’s a great way to get some extra cash to play with. Sound good right?

There are many casino bonuses so we have created an entire guide for you. Check out our bonus guide here. If you prefer the short version let us tell you more about it here.

Welcome Bonus = Sign up bonus + Deposit bonus

When you finish this guide you’ll be ready to go for it. You’ll be ready to choose a casino in the list above to sign up for. You don’t need a lot of money to play casino online. It’s okay with just €10 at most casinos.

Choose a casino and sign up. If the casino has a sign up bonus, often called no deposit bonus you get some money or free spins to play with directly. Most often, however, you’ll need to make a deposit to claim a bonus.

Sadly, some bonuses are not available for us Nigerian. On we’ve tried to mix up the casinos who offer bonuses with these which don’t.

The reason we still present casinos with no available bonuses is that they are some of the best in the business. We believe it’s better to play with no bonus at a great casino than to try to hunt down a bonus.

A deposit bonus or match bonus is commonly 100% up to €100. It means that the casino will double your money to play with. The bonus comes with a wagering requirement. It means you need to wager your money X number of time before you can withdraw the bonus.

Before we leave to test casinos on your own we’d like to introduce the term free spins. You’ve seen in the text here, but perhaps you’ve not understood it.

A free spins is a free round on a slot machine. It’s a popular bonus for the casinos. At some casinos you get 100 free spins when you deposit money. These free rounds are connected to one or several slot machines and give you free chances to win!

Here are three great casino you should try!

- ComeOn

- Energy Casino

- Unibet

Be happy, get Lucky!

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