Take Your Betting to the Next Level

Are you interested in taking your betting to a new level? Would you like to live from sports betting? Do you have what it takes to be a pro? It’s time to take the next step. It’s time to become better. It’s time to improve yourself.

Follow these 5 steps and you’ll become a better bettor:

  1. Know yourself – Make a deep self-assessment
  2. Take control over your emotions
  3. Choose a strategy and stick to it
  4. Handle your bankroll like a banker
  5. Bet to win!
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Know yourself – Execute a deep self-assessment

Do you know your game’s strengths and weaknesses? Every good punter keep track of their results. Do you do that? To make a self-assessment you need data. You must at least keep track of:

  • Wins

  • Losses

  • Odds

  • What game

  • Date

The more data your safe, the more you have to analyse in the assessment. If you want to improve your game, you need to find your strengths and make them stronger. In this analysis you must stay unbiased and keep a distance to yourself.

Look for patterns in your betting history. Look for patterns. When have you been successful and when have you failed? Typically patterns to check.

  1. Is there an odds range you perform better in than others?

  2. Any sports you perform better in?

  3. Are you better at live betting than pre match betting?

  4. Any particular time of the year you win or lose more?

Make sure that you have enough data before you make this kind of assessment. If you only have made 10 bets it will be hard to find statistically valid patterns. Remember we look for information in the data. Be unbiased and do your best.

What to do with the results?

Easy, if you find any patterns in your game. If you’re more successful when you bet on underdogs, focus more on that. If, you instead gain more hits from low odds bets do more of them.

Finding weaknesses in your game is just as important as your strengths. By eliminating your weaknesses, you stop a negative cash flow due to poor bets.

To sum up, to know more about yourself will make you a better player.

Take control over your emotions

Emotions is the enemy to any professional bettor. We can’t get rid of them, but we can learn to control our actions when we discover a particular emotion. As part of your self-assessment you should take a close look at your emotions.

Do you have a favourite team? Can you make neutral bets when they play? Do you have any tendencies to bet more when you’ve lost a lot? Or opposite, when you’re in winning streak, do you make bets based on logic then?

Think back at situations when you’ve let your emotions take control. When you’ve made bets that were not based on logic. How did that go? How much money have you lose due to emotions?

Know yourself better and you’ll make better decisions. It will also be easier to not make that emotional bet next time when you think back on how much it last cost you.

Choose a strategy and stick to it

After your assessment you’ll know more about your game than ever before. Also take a close look at how you bet. What do you do before you make a bet? What do you base you bet on?

Create a sacred strategy for your online betting. Make sure you do the same ritual every time and don’t make exceptions! Create a process of steps you should go through and stick to them.

It’s better to don’t place a bet if it doesn’t feel right than to bet anyway. If you have a winning strategy, why change it? Make sure to refine it in incremental steps instead.

If you want to create a new strategy, we recommend you to do it on paper for a while. Bet according to your strategy, but don’t bet any real money. Do that first when you’ve proven that your new method is successful.

Handle your bankroll like a banker

Since you read this article, you’re probably a successful better already. Do you have a plan for how to deal if your money? Do you want to live from online betting or do you see it as a fun hobby?

Depending on your goals you need to manage your bankroll differently. Most of us take out some money now and then, but not more than we can afford. The bankroll needs to be stable so we can afford a bad streak from time to time without running dry.

A professional player who withdraws €3000 a monthly basis will make €42000 in a year. If he on average has a surplus of 3% on each bet, he needs to make total bets of €1.4 Million in a year. If each bet is worth €500. He needs to make nearly 3000 bets annually.

Recommended margin on a bankroll is a minimum of 100x your average bet. It means this punter needs about €50K in his bankroll to be on the safe side.

No matter your targets, remember to treat your money like a banker. Find winning bets and profit from them. Then keep to your staking plan and don’t bet for more than you can afford.

Bet to win!

Be careful with your money and choose your bets with care. Be patient! The bookmakers create odds so people will bet on both sides. The bookie will make money in any case, the more action – the more money they will make. For us players this gives us an advantage.

We can choose what games to play, and we can wait to we find the right odds for us. Then you do find something interested, bet to win! Strike hard and take advantage of your position. It’s better to wait for the right moments than to play at odds that are not in your favour.

Be happy, get lucky!