Ultimate Naija Betting Guide

It’s 5 minutes left… Your bet is so close to clear… You’re excited and terrified at the same time… Online betting is truly AWESOME!

Do you want to join the action? Nigerian sports betting can be tricky. In this guide will make it easy though. We focus on

• How we bet online in Nigeria?

• What sites accept Nigerian players?

• Why play at an offshore betting site?

• How betting works

• Deposit and Withdrawals for 9ja players

However, that is far from everything you will learn in this comprehensive Naija betting guide. We will show you how we claim betting bonuses, take a deep dive into different betting types and much much more.

The best thing? We make it super easy to understand. Besides that, we have broken down sports betting into small easy to understand pieces which the complete novice, as well as the experienced player, can benefit from.

Ready? Let’s begin!

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Nigerian online betting - Betting in Naija

At one point or another, we have all been there. Not knowing how online betting work or how to play the sportsbook online. So don’t worry if you don’t have any experience. When you are done reading this guide, you will be ready to play online.

So let’s jump right into how online betting in Naija works.

Surely, you haven’t missed the great boom in popularity that betting in Nigeria has had. Betshops on every corner is now a common site. But did you know that online betting in Naija has grown even faster? Fact: More and more people choose to place their bets online in Naija.

Why is that? Well, there might be a lot of different factors that play in. The three most common ones being:

  • It’s easy - Playing on an online betting site using your phone is easy.
  • More options - There are a lot of sites to play on online
  • Always available - Open 24/7, 365 days of the year

With more and more people having access to a smartphone we are not surprised that we see a lot more Nigerians choosing online betting. A trend that our neighbors also are following.

Online Betting in Africa

Online betting in Africa has had a real upswing the last couple of years. Nigeria is, of course, one of the leading countries in this aspect. So is South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana as well. The popularity is continuing to grow on a daily basis on the whole continent.

The reason for the popularity? The easy access to smartphones and the expansion of the internet connection are the two key factors in expanding online betting.

Look All the gambling trends for our great continent points in the same direction. We will only see more and more Nigerians as well as other people exploring the fabulous world of online betting.

How to start with online betting in Naija

Honestly, it is straightforward, to begin with, online betting. You probably already know all the strategies for sports betting. The key is not what strategy to use to win money, but rather how to be able to place the bets in the first place.

So let’s split the question of how to bet online in Nigeria Ainto these three steps:

  1. Choose a Sportsbook on

  2. Open an account

  3. Make a deposit and start playing

There you have it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is! The hard part is to choose a reliable, trustworthy online betting firm. Remember that you are putting your money and trust into them. So there is no question about it, choose carefully!

We know what you are thinking. How on earth can I see what betting sites are reliable, serious and trustworthy for Nigerian players?

Good Question and we have an even better answer! You don’t have to.

Let us explain. You don’t have to risk your money testing what sites are good and which ones are bad because we have already done that for you! In our list and on the site you will only find sites that are tested, safe and are recommended for players from Naija.

Computer or phone?

You can play on your computer or phone, that we leave entirely up to you. Only one account is needed so you can also switch between the two. The most popular way to play in Nigeria is by using the phone.

All the sites are built so that they load fast on the phone so that you can focus on playing without any disruptions. It is effortless to use and even though the screen seems small, trust us it is straightforward to use!


Now that you know how easy the process is to start online betting all you need to do is to choose where to play. Fortunately, we will help you!

How to choose a sportsbook?

If you have never played online choosing a sports book can seem tricky. So let’s break it down and help you on the way. But first two interesting facts:

Fact number 1: Many online casinos and sportsbook have blocked players from Nigeria.

Fact number 2: Many online betting sites are not serious, and some are fraudulent.

Good News: We are aware of this, and an important part of this guide was to find the best serious betting sites that accept Nigerian players.

There are some great betting sites out there to choose from (or from the list below)…

Sites like Unibet, Betsson, and ComeOn have long experience and fantastic sportsbooks to explore.

Impatient? Check out the reviews now, or keep reading this guide.

Nigerian brands vs. Offshore brands

This next part might shock you. There are a lot of advantages of offshore betting sites in comparison with Nigerian brands. Let’s take a closer look.

We love betting in Nigeria. The problem is that there are very few good places to do that. At least for now. There have been so many instances where players don’t get their winnings, the personal details are leaked, or worst of all the player is cheated.

But there is a better CHOICE.

We’re in luck though. We can join a foreign casino or sportsbook. In this way, we avoid the worst traps among unserious betting firms. There are many advantages to choosing these sites… here are a few:

- The site has a gambling license

- Trustworthy

- Higher quality

- More to bet on

- More Games

- Your money is safe

- Low risk

- Easy

Naturally, there are many bad offshore sportsbooks too. In this guide, we’ve been extremely selective though and chosen sportsbooks we have long experience together.

Betting sites like Betson and Unibet have handled online betting for more than 20 years. The sites are huge with millions of active players every day.

The sites have top quality when it comes to supporting, design, mobile and handling payments. If you play here, you can feel completely confident that the betting site will be fair to you.

There is no risk that you don’t get paid for a winning bet or that your account suddenly will be closed (as long as you don’t do anything illegal of course).

The best part is:

You can literally bet on anything!

If there is no football game today, you can join the online casino, play poker or buy a ticket for the gigantic lottery. The choices are endless.

Now it’s almost time to move on. But we want to be as transparent as possible. So below we have shared our thorough process when reviewing a betting site. This so that you know what you get.

How do we review a betting site?

Trust us there are a lot of betting sites online. However, not all are good. In fact, most of them are not, and that is why we have developed this screening process.

We share it with you, so you know how we work and why it is best to choose a casino through this site.

Overview - The general check allows us to discard a lot of sites are bad. The leading though when we do the outline is Would we play on this site ourselves? If the answer is no - then it’s bye, bye. If the answer is yes - then the fun begins. We check how the site looks, the user experience, design, terms and conditions and everything else that we might think of.

Security - The next step is to see how secure the site is. We check if it has the right license if the owners are serious people if the connection safe and how your personal data is kept.

Easy Signup- If the site passes the two first steps we look at if it is easy to create an account. It should be quick and easy without any fuzz.

Deposits- We want easy, fast and reliable deposits. If the online betting site fails with this, then you won’t find it on our list. Only the best sites with the best deposit options are presented here.

Bonuses - Folks, honestly who does not love a good betting bonus? No-one that’s who! We check the bonus, the terms, and conditions and if they actually give it to us.

Odds - In this step, we check two things. The number of games, odds, and events available and the quality of the odds compared with the industry peers. Remember, only the best sites make the cut.

Play - We make some test bets and check out if the site delivers what it promises.

Withdrawals- Last but not least we try to withdraw our money and record the whole process. This might be the most crucial step to ensure that you can count on your winnings without any problems.

Awesome! Now you know how to choose a site, and register an account. You also know the benefits of adopting an offshore game provider. Let’s continue by looking at how to deposit.

Making an Online betting deposit from Nigeria

Each site has a number of payment methods to deposit money into your newly opened sportsbook account. Credit cards are often the easiest. But bank deposits and ATM deposits are as well.

Bank deposit

The most popular way is to use a bank deposit. Most sites have individual accounts that you transfer money to. You can find them directly in your account. But to make things easier we have summarized the process for you.

  1. Choose which bank you want to make your deposit.

  2. Enter the name of the bank, ID (your account ID) and amount on the deposit slip

  3. Make your deposit!

Bank deposits are both comfortable and convenient and are a perfect compliment instead of using a credit card. Another suitable method is the famous ATM deposits.

ATM deposit

As you know, there are ATMs at almost every corner, at least in our bigger cities. That is why it comes to no surprise that the deposit method to online betting sites is so popular.

There three best reasons to use an ATM deposit are:

  1. You don’t have to be online to deposit to your account.
  2. You can do it 24/7 365 days of the year.
  3. There is always an ATM near you.

Depositing through the ATM is easy. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Enter your ATM card and enter your PIN
  2. Select Quick Teller or Pay Bills
  3. The list of DSTV and others appear - Click ”Others.”
  4. Now enter the amount using the merchant code from the betting site
  5. Enter your account ID

When you have entered the ID your name should come up on the screen. If the details are correct, confirm the transaction if not then cancel it and make sure you entered the right ID.

The last step is to confirm the transaction. When this is done your money has been deposited, and you can start playing! Just as easy as that!

Other deposit methods\
Another popular choice for online gambling is internet wallets. Not all casinos in Naija accepts these, but some foreign operators do. The most common are:

- PayPal

- Neteller

- Skrill

Each of this eWallet lets you deposit money on your eWallet account that you can use to pay for things. Most international sportsbook accepts these payment methods, and it’s a good choice if you want to make a deposit from Nigeria to a sportsbook.

Withdraw money

Awesome! The bets are in, and you are ready to collect your money. The question is how do you withdraw them? Actually, it is just as easy as counting to three! So let’s do that.

1. Log in to your account and go to my account

2. Enter your bank details and amount

3. Press the withdrawal button

Just like that, you have withdrawn your winnings to your account. Please note that the withdrawal might take one day to complete. Also, it is normal for the first withdrawal to take a bit longer as well.

The same process applies if you have used any of the eWallets! Just remember that always withdraw to your account with your name on it to avoid reserved withdrawals.

KYI (know your customers)

Always use your real name and details when you open an account. Most sportsbooks require some kind of ID and address confirmation. Your ID card and a utility bill are standard requirements for this check-up.

This is entirely normal and is put in place to prevent fraudulent activities. So don’t worry too much about that, it is almost always a one-time checkup.

Nigerian Betting Bonus

With a Nigerian betting bonus, you can get a lot of extra money to play with. We know what you are thinking, Can this really be true? Yes, it can! A betting bonus rewards the player that plays online betting with extra cash to their wallet.

If you want to learn everything, there is to know about bonuses check out our Ultimate Betting Bonus guide. There you will learn everything you need to know about bonuses. Among other things the guide gives you detailed information regarding:

• What a bonus is and why it might be a good idea to claim it.

• Bonus Value, what is the real value of a bonus

• Wagering requirements

• Different types of bonuses

• Bonuses for Naija

And much much more. If you are serious about sports betting this guide is a must read! If you want to play more casually, we will give you the foundation now.

Online Betting Bonus

An online betting bonus is an extra free chance the site gives you to play with. There are different types of online betting bonuses in Nigeria. You will encounter, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, free bets sign-on bonuses and reload bonuses.

In other words a lot of bonuses.

Each bonus can vary in size, structure and terms and conditions. But the principle is most often than not the same. The amount you deposit will be matched with a percentage which becomes your bonus.

Let’s say you deposit ₦1000 to the betting site and the bonus is worth 100%. Boom! Then you will get ₦2000 to play with at the betting site. Let’s break it down.

• ₦1000 deposit

• ₦1000 bonus

The same principle holds true if you get 50% or 200%.

• ₦1000 deposit

• ₦500 bonus (50% bonus)

• ₦1000 deposit

• ₦2000 bonus (200% bonus)

Depending on how big the bonus is you get different amounts to play for. Important to know is that the site might distinguish your deposit from the bonus. This because a bonus is often burdened with some rules, which leads us to the requirements.

Wagering requirements

One can view the wagering requirements as the cost of the bonus. Put simply the requirements are put in place so that players won’t withdraw the bonus without playing for it. We have three golden rules when looking at the terms of a bonus.

This is not the best news for us players. So the first rule is that the lower the wagering requirements, the better it is for us.

For those that don’t know what wagering is, we can explain it like this: The number of times you need to turn over your bonus. So if you get a ₦1000 bonus and the requirements are x5, you need to turnover ₦5000 before you can withdraw the money.

This brings us to the second rule. Always check if the wagering requirements are with or without your deposit. It is much better if only the bonus money is locked with the terms.

Imagine that you deposit ₦1000 to different sites with both having x5 wagering requirements. Now one bonus has the terms only on the bonus while the other has it on the total. This gives us the following amounts to wager:

₦1000 x 5 = ₦5000

₦2000 x 5 = ₦10 000

Needless to point out which the better option is, right?

The third and last rule is that check the minimum odds that count towards the terms. The lower the odds required, the better. Why might you ask? Well, it’s pretty easy to understand. The lower the odds, the higher the chances are to win. The greater the chances are to win, the easier it is to turn over the bonus and withdraw your winnings!

How to play in a sports book

We have already summarized how to play on a sports book in Naijia. But let’s do a quick recap.

  1. Choose a Sportsbook on
  2. Open an account
  3. Make a deposit and start playing

Now it’s time to take a quick look at how the placing of a bet really works. If you still feel insecure, we take you through how to place your first bet in our How to play guide.

When you have completed the steps above, choose your type of game or event. Do you want to play on the British Premier League or are you interested in the tennis tournament, it does not matter.

After that choice, if you want to play one, two or more events. In other words, if you’re going to put single or multiple bets.

The Stake is the amount you want to bet on your betting slip. When you have entered the amount, you will get an automatic calculation of your payout. Attention! Some sites show you the total amount you will get while some only show the winnings.

Those are the basics for placing your bet. If you want to read a bit more and take a deep dive into the world of betting check out these guides: Betting School and Take Your Betting to the Next Level.

Do you dare to guess what games are the most popular to bet on in Naija? There is no question about it, and the winner is clear. We are of course talking about football! Now, do you know which leagues are the most popular? If you guessed the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga or the Italian Serie A then you are in the right!

However, that was just a warm-up question. Now to the harder one which other events or sports are popular? This question is a bit more tricky. Before we answer it an honorable mention. The most popular team to bet on is, of course, our Super Eagles that we all are so proud of. But since they only play from time to time, they can’t really compete with the leagues that play each week.

Back to the other sports. Basketball, tennis and special events like the world cup, Olympics and athletics are favorite sports among Naija players. All of these and much more you can find on the sites we promote here at Naijabetting.

Live Betting

The thrill of placing a bet and watching a game is hard to beat. But what if we told you that there is something that is like betting on steroids? Well, we are of course referring to live betting! Now you can play while watching the game. The advantages?


Adds excitement

  • More Information
  • Easy
  • Flexibility
  • Feeling
  • Cash in
  • Hedge

When placing your live bet, there is no significant difference from placing a regular bet. Just choose the game you want to play on and put your stake. Don’t forget to confirm the bet and you are done!

Interested in learning more? Check out The Best Live Betting Guide in Nigeria

Naija Poker

Betting is excellent, there is no question about it but have you tried your skills playing Naija Poker? There are few things more captivating then Poker. Millions of people play poker on a worldwide basis. The popularity is genuinely enormous.

We are not surprised. Since poker is a skill game, you can actually learn how to be a better player and change the chances to win. Unlike other activities like playing the casino your skills actually matter.

That is one reason we have written a one of its kind Poker beginner guide for Nigerian players. Learn more about playing poker, different types of poker and then prepare yourself to hit the tables armed with a lot of new knowledge!

Naija Casino

Both betting and poker are skill-based games. Now let’s talk some more about the third type of gambling available, Naija Casino. The popularity of playing casinos online have surged in Africa and Nigeria as well. We are not surprised, betting and poker is fun but so is the casino.

The casino is typically made up of two parts: the regular casino and the live casino. The regular casino offers games like slots, table games, and card games. You can often choose among hundreds of games and slots in one place.

The second part is the live casino. Here you can play the classic casino games such as roulette, and baccarat but with a twist! All games in the live casino are streamed with live dealers so that you can see the dealer in real time. Cool! You place your bet and can even chat with the dealer directly through your phone.

The best part of everything is that most betting sites in 9ja offers both casino and poker as a compliment to their sportsbook! How amazing is that? Now you only need one account to play all three types of games!


We are closing into the end. We hope that you have enjoyed our Naija betting guide and that you will take the time to explore the rest of the site. You won’t regret that we promise! You are now equipped to hit the betting sites and start placing your bets.

In this guide, we have shown you how to bet in Nigeria, how to choose a reliable site and how betting works. Information about deposits, withdrawals and bonuses have been presented tighter with the best tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your betting even more! All this from the perspective of the 9ja player.

Remember: Knowledge is power and you are now armed to the teeth with betting knowledge. Can you handle it? Let’s go and do some betting!

Be Happy, Get lucky!

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