Live Betting - the Best Live Betting Guide in Nigeria

Have you ever wanted to add excitement to a game you are watching? Imagine you are watching a game and you get that first gut feeling that one team will score. Minutes later, they do. Betting before the game is one thing. Watching the game gives you another, special feeling what will happen next. We’ve all been there. Now imagine that you can capitalize on that feeling.

Luckily for us, there is a great way to do that. We are of course talking about Live betting or in-play betting as it also is called.If you never tried it, you should. Don’t know how? No worries, this live betting guide takes you through how to play live betting. When you finish this guide, you’ll know everything to know about playing live.

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Live betting - What is it?

We all know what betting is, placing a bet on a game. The question is: what exactly is live betting? Live betting is just what it sounds like, betting during a game, in other words, putting down a bet on an event that has already started. It can be a game you are watching, or it can be a game where you only track the live score.

Growing in popularity

This form of betting has grown in popularity worldwide. The same holds true here in Nigeria. The benefits are quite obvious. Watching a game allows you to see today’s form, how the game develops and analyze the strength and weaknesses of the teams. In contrast to placing a bet before a game live betting allows you to see how it unfolds in real time.

Live Betting in Nigeria

Boom! That is the best way to describe the explosion of popularity of live betting in Nigeria. Live bets have grown exponentially in the last couple of years. It has together with regular betting become a very popular form of gambling in Naija. More and more people watch the games that are live. At the same time, more and more people have played those games. Since the popularity of watching sports and betting has risen in popularity, it is no surprise that so has live betting.

More and more Naija people have discovered the excitement that lives betting brings. Now thanks to the widespread use of smartphones it has never been simpler to place a live bet. Let us take a closer look at how live betting works and how to put a live bet.

How does betting work?

Before we look at how live betting works lets examine how the odds are set in the first place. Before a game, the odds are set based on different factors. If we take a football match as an example. The odds are set depending on a teams chances to win. That, in turn, can be broken down into different factors. What teams are playing, their history, the form, players, season, yeah you get it, a lot of various factors affect the odds even before they are released.

That’s not all. When the odds are released, they are affected by the bets that are placed. Let’s say a lot of people bet that Liverpool is going to win over Arsenal. Is that going to move the odds? The automatic answer is yes. However, it is not necessarily the truth. It all depends on the amount of money that is placed on Liverpool winning.

Bare with me and let’s take a closer look.Imagine that a hundred people put 1 dollar on Liverpool winning. That is in total 100 dollars in favor for The Reds. Now imagine that one player places 100 dollars on Arsenal. That is a 100 dollars on the Gunners. All other things equal the odds should not move, at least not too much.

Why is that you might ask? Fact: The betting site makes money on the spread and not on betting on a game. That means that they try to get as much money on one side of a bet as on the other. They pocket the small difference between the odds.

Now, let’s assume that no one bet on Arsenal. This would, in turn, move the odds in favor of Liverpool. The odds of Arsenal winning will go up thus increasing the interest in placing a bet on them winning. The odds moving up can mean two things:

  • Either someone knows something you don’t
  • It might be an excellent opportunity to place a bet

But more about this later.

As you can see, many things affect the odds before the game has started. Now imagine all this and what is happening during the game which brings us to live betting.

Live betting - how does it work?

Live betting or in-play works similar to regular betting. The main difference is obviously that the game has already started. Until the game starts the odds have been set, released and people have placed their bets. All this goes into the complicated process of establishing the odds you end up playing on the live betting.

Now imagine more factors like, how the game is going. Is someone sent off, injured or having a bad day? You can get a lot of information by just looking at a game. How is the form, does the star player seem to have a good or bad day? You get it.

Back to our example, millions of people may look at the Liverpool - Arenal game in our example. A lot of them might want to place a live bet and does so based on their opinion, analysis, and gut-gut-feeling. This in turn also affects the odds movement during the game. And just like with regular betting the amounts placed on each side play a huge factor.

Why is understanding how betting work important?

The easiest person to fool is oneself. Knowing how the odds might change in favor of your team or bet can be very helpful when placing a bet and live bet. Sometimes people tend to follow the current. This can be good sometimes, and it can be terrible other times.

Imagine this: The odds for Liverpool winning move upwards. You check the news and find nothing that could affect the odds. Now either someone knows something you don’t. Or a lot of bets have been placed on Arsenal. Let’s assume that nothing has happened. Understanding how the odds are set and that the betting company makes money on the spread allows you to take advantage of the situation. The chances of Liverpool winning are the same as before. The only thing is that more people think that Arsenal will win. In reality, this does not need to be the case.

When it comes to live betting this happens a lot more often. If you are watching the game, you can make up your mind how you think the game will go. If you see that a lot of people bet on Arsenal although you think that Liverpool will win, **you have in front of you a great opportunity.


We know what you are thinking: This is all very informative but how do I place a Live bet?

Placing a live bet

The best way to place a live bet is pretty straightforward. As you will see it is straightforward to do if you follow these couple of steps.

  • Choose a good, reputable sports book (check out the list at the top)
  • Go to the live betting page on the site
  • Choose a game or event
  • Place your bet
  • Don’t forget to confirm the bet!

It is basically the same procedure that you do when gambling online on the regular sportsbook. The only difference you need to be aware of is that the odds tend to move more quickly and with more volatility.

However, that is not all.
Remember that the options on different types of live betting often grow smaller as the game progresses. So now it is time to take a closer look at different kinds of options when placing a live bet. Before we do hang in there because we want to answer a question a lot of Nigerian players ask.


Why can’t I place a live bet?

Scenario: You have chosen a game, and you are just about to pull the trigger when Wham! The bet is not available and is frozen.Don’t panic everything is ok. The more you play, the more you will see this. You will notice that sometimes the bets are frozen and you can’t place any bets. This happens because there is something significant happening in a game. A penalty might be awarded (however not shot yet), a player is sent off or a goal scored. Any situation that might have an impact on a game can cause the odds to freeze. Just relax, and wait a minute, asses the situation and you will see that you will be able to place the bet.


Different types of live bets

Make no mistake about it,even though the betting options are a bit smaller then betting before a game there is still a lot of different types of live bets to place. In fact, at the beginning of a game, there are approximately just as many options as before a game. Sure, things like who will win the coin-toss and who will get the first corner are not available on the live bet. However, all other types often are.

This would be great news if you missed the chance to place a bet before the game. Now you get yet another opportunity to do it, maybe even with better odds. You will be able to play the classic 3-way (win, lose or draw) or the double chance and/or handicap. These are the most common and popular way to bet among Nigerian players. However, options like both team to score, the first team to score and halftime/full-time results are also available. Just remember that each site, each game, and each event can have different options on the live bet.

The absolutely best way to see what’s available is to check out the live score on your favorite site. You can always choose one of our sites in the list at the top as well. To create an account is absolutely free. The best part is that you can go to the live betting section and see what you can bet on regardless if you want to place a bet or not. So why not open a free account and check it out?

Live betting - Singel or combo

Placing a single or combo bet on a game before a game is straightforward. The same is true when placing a single bet on live betting. Just chose your game, side, amount and place the bet. As easy as ABC. The only thing you need to be aware of when putting a single is that the game is going on at the same time and the events in the game affect the odds. Besides that it’s is very easy.

However, a combo bet (multiple) can be more tricky — kind of at least. The process is almost identical. You choose a game, stake, and place which goes to your betting slip. Then you select the second live game and do the same thing. You can do this with more than two games. So far so good. When you are done, you need to confirm the bets and place them. The tricky part is that in the meantime the odds might have changed. And since you have more games on the same slip, the chances of this happening are bigger. As we discussed the live betting is quite, and now you have to deal with two, three or more volatile betting lines.

Besides the odds changing which can complicate placing the combo bet it is just as simple as the single bet. This holds true whatever stakes you want to put.

_Pro Tip: The faster you place a coupon, the easier it is to add the games without the odds changing. So choose the games before you start adding them into your betting slip!

Cash out before the game ends

Some sites offer a cash-out option. What that is that you can collect your winnings before the game ends. Sounds too good to be true, right? It is, and it isn’t. This option has its pros and its cons.

  • The advantages are quite obvious you can collect your winnings eliminating the risk of losing it all.
  • The disadvantages are that you will not get all the winnings.

What happens when you cash out on the live betting is that you are taking the money from the table. This results in a lover odds. Even though you placed a bet with 2,0 in odds (a double if you win) and took out the money on beforehand, you might only get 1,75 in the end. That is because you are eliminating the risk of losing. The closer it is to the end of the game the more the odds will be in your favor.

Honestly cash out options are both good and bad. On the one hand, you get fewer winnings if you cash out. On the other hand, imagine a really close game that you are winning. The other team is putting on pressure, and you know that they will equalize. This is the perfect time to use the cash out option. Remember that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

_Pro Tip: The cash out option can also be used to cut your losses. Let’s say you are watching a game and put on a bet. Your team is loosing, and you can just feel that they will lose. Why not cut your loss by cashing out? Sure you will not get all the money back although you will get some. That, in turn, can be placed on another game.

Sports to live bet on

There are many different sports that you can live bet on. Depending on what mood you are on you can place bets on all your favorite games. The most popular sport is without a doubt football. All good sites have a wide range of football live bets. Other sports include basketball, tennis, volleyball and ice hockey. Let’s not forget about cricket, handball, and futsal.

All these are very popular on a worldwide basis. Depending on the year the Olympics is a betting favorite among a lot of players. So is betting on other events such as the World Championships in Athletics.

In other words, there are a lot of different sports and events to bet on. Have you ever wondered what we as Nigerians bet on? Check out the next part.

Nigerian live betting - What do people bet on?

Drumroll, please.What sport do Nigerians prefer to live bet on? A clue: it is the same sport we prefer to place regular bets on. A hard question to answer.

Not really, who are we kidding?There is no surprise here; the most popular sport to live bet on in Naija is of course football (soccer). Even though our own league and football association have their problems the sport is thriving when it comes to betting. The most popular leagues to bet on are in Europe. The English Premier League is at the top closely followed by Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie A.

Ligue 1 in France and finally the German Bundesliga are also very popular. Let’s not forget about the Champions League and of course the World cup and the Africa Cup of Nations. We have especially seen that one team sticks out among all others when it comes to football live betting in Nigeria. We are of course talking about our own, beloved team, The Super Eagles.

Secondly, we love live betting on basketball. Surprisingly it is not the NBA that is the most popular live betting basketball league. The most popular league to play on is the European leagues including Turkey. This might seem like a bit of a surprise, but there is a logical explanation for this. 

When it comes to regular betting NBA is the most popular sport. But since the games are played late at night here in Nigeria, there are much less live bets being placed.

The third place goes to tennis, Volleyball and special events such as the Olympics, World Championships in Athletics and similar events. Another sport that is growing in popularity but did not make it to our list is e-sports — something to look out for in the future for sure.

So there you have it, the most popular sports to live bet on in Nigeria. Football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and all big sporting events. We are almost done with our live betting guide. You made it this far; now the next part might be the most important one, so keep on reading, the finish line is in sight.

Benefits with live betting

We have discussed a lot of the benefits with live betting. Here we will make a summary to recap what the benefits are.

  • Convenient- It is convenient to place a bet on a game that has started.
  • Adds excitement -Live betting definitely adds excitement to a game (even if the game itself is boring)
  • More Information - Live betting lets you gather all the information before and during the game before you place your bet.
  • Easy - It is just as easy to live bet as it is to place a regular bet online.
  • Flexibility - Watch the game, see how it develops and then place your bet. That what we call flexibility in betting.
  • Feeling - Live betting lets you use your gut feeling when
  • Cash in- In the money? Why not eliminate the risk and cash in your bet before the game ends.
  • Hedge - Placed a bet that is not going your way? You can hedge your bet with a live bet.

The disadvantage with live betting

  • Frenzy - When watching a game (especially one that you care about) it is easy to get into a frenzy and start betting without considering the facts objectively.
  • Impulse - Live betting can be a bad thing if the impulses get the better of you.
  • Emotions - When invested in a game the feelings take over the rational part of your brain. In this case, live betting might tempt you to place a bet you shouldn’t.


Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it: LiveBetting - The best live betting guide in Nigeria. Our goal with this guide was to teach you three things:

  • How live betting works
  • How to live bet
  • What you can live bet on

Besides these three things you have learned a lot more. Now it is time for you to create a betting account and apply all this knowledge on the best sports books in Nigeria (conveniently found at the top of the page). 

Good Luck!

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