Live Score

Don’t you hate it when the game has started, and you can’t watch it? Imagine this, your favorite team is playing, and you are stuck in traffic. Or _you have put money down on the game; however, you are at work. _We have all been there.

The solution? Live Score. Well, of course, nothing beats watching the game. But sometimes life gets in the way. With the live score, you can track the result directly on your phone. Perfect when wanting to be discrete so your boss won’t find out.

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What is live score?

If you want to know what the score of a game in real time live score is the place. It is essentially a list of games that are played at this moment. The best part? It is updated live so that you are up to date all the time.

Although similar to live betting it is only a place where you can track the result. The better versions provide you with information like :

  • The current result
  • Who scored
  • When did they score
  • Starting eleven and substitutions
  • Commentary

As you can see it suits perfectly when you can’t see the game for your self. All the most essential information is in place, and it updates in real time.

The benefits of live score

There are a lot of reasons you might benefit from live score. We’ve already mentioned when you are stuck somewhere. Another significant advantage is that you can track the results of the games you can’t watch. Imagine that there is a game in an exotic league not being broadcasted. Track sports, leagues or sports directly on your phone.

Another scenario is that two or more amazing games are playing at the same time. Typical for the commission to do that. Live score is the perfect solution for this. Watch one game and check the results on the others in real time!

Last but not least it is the easiest way to get an overview of what is happening. No one can focus on three or more games at once. Heck, it’s even hard (or impossible) to focus on two games at once. With a live score application, you can, however, get an excellent overview of the results in all other games that are played. That is what we call real multitasking!

Live Score for different sports

You can track your teams’ performance through live score in most sport. It is no secret that football is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in Nigeria. In the world as well. Luckily for us, it is one of the best games to track as well. Why? Because the live result will be updated frequently.

This does not mean that you can’t follow other sports like basketball, rugby or cricket. In fact, it works great especially when the game is not shown on any tv-channel.

The essential tool for Live Betting

Live betting is placing a bet on a game when it already has started. You can read our ultimate live betting guide here. You will learn everything you need to know about live betting and which sites to play on.

Most betting sites do offer live results on their live betting platform. It is a great way to track the score and at the same time place a live bet.

Let’s face it; nothing beats watching a game live. The thrill, excitement and build up for your team to score is unbeatable.Frankly, live score is not the same thing. However, it is a fantastic way to track the result if you can’t watch the game. It is an even better way to follow games played simultaneously.

Have the game started and you want to place a bet? Check out our live betting guide.